G. Salvador

Lobsters were sent to my brother in Knoxville, Tn. for his birthday and they arrived before lunch alive and kicking. My brother was quite happy and so am I, thank you Lobster 207 for a great lobster buying experience !!

J & F Contreras

The time, dedication, perseverance, and inspiration from the IAM Members is something to admire. The IAM Union went against the grain to help the fishermen (and women) and allow them to be the laborers and still have a say in what their hard work is worth. We ordered our Lobsters today and will be enjoying […]

N. West

We ordered the 10 lb box for my friend’s 60th birthday party. We had the box shipped to CA to a resort in the mountains where we had a cabin for the weekend. The order arrived exactly as promised with 8 lobsters! The lobsters were alive and fresh with cold packs and seaweed keeping them […]

S. Wilkerson

The lobsters arrived the morning of the date requested. They were in great condition. We stored them in the refrigerator until dinner when we boiled them. They were delicious. I will order again in the near future and will also recommend lobster 207 to all my lobster eating friends! Thanks!

S. Jellerson

Last night we had a lobster feast in the Sonoran Desert at Cave Creek, Arizona. The lobsters were delivered on time as promised and, even though the box was very warm on the outside due to the 100 degree AZ temps inside the UPS truck, the ice packs were fully functioning and only partially melted. […]

S. Sadler

Sent Mom some lobster. Everything showed up in great condition and Mom was very happy with the live lobster. They were quite active apparently. Thank you. From an IAM 751 brother ???? 

S. Beal

Lobsters were sent to my sister in California. I was there visiting and surprised her! They were beautiful, healthy and sweet. The packaging was awesome. Delivered exactly when requested!