Not Your Average 9 to 5 Job

Meet Joel Woods. He's a member of the IAM Maine Lobstering Union and has been harvesting the sea for more than 20 years. When he's not hauling traps off the ocean floor you will find him capturing these rare, priceless moments through the lens of his camera.

Maine Lobstering Union Expands Statewide

A union that began with a few on the island of Vinalhaven has now grown to include members all along Maine's nearly 3,500-mile coastline. With two legislative victories under its belt, the IAM's Maine Lobstering Union is now headed by Rocky Alley, who hopes to continue the union's growth and influence to help save an industry plagued by low lobster prices and rising costs associated with government regulation and boat maintenance. Some of the newest members of the union are featured in this video.

IAM Maine Lobstering Union Protects The Industry

Chris Radley is one of 500 new members of IAM's Maine Lobstering Union, which scored two legislative victories this Spring: the defeat of a bill that promoted the practice of dragging and allowing the sale of incidentally-caught lobsters and the passage of another bill that allows lobsterers serving in the armed forces to maintain their licenses once they return from duty.