Lobster 207 is saving a quintessentially Maine way of life.

We’re the only union-based cooperative in the lobster industry, owned and operated by the folks who know Maine lobster best—Maine Lobstermen. And now, Lobster 207 is proud to share our quality, sustainably fished lobster with the world.

Our story began in 2013 when we approached Machinists Union (IAM) District 4 about falling catch prices threatening our industry. Together with IAM District 4, we met with hundreds of Lobstermen from up and down the coast of Maine to form Maine Lobstering Union Local 207.

A dream came true when we purchased a wholesale operation in Trenton, Maine. Now we’re selling our own lobsters, and finally getting a fair share of the profit we catch. It means a better life for Maine’s working families.

That’s a refreshing way to get fresh lobster.